Tony Archimedes

Tony is a wonderful musician who always pushes me to come up to where he is at. Always trying to free himself (and us), impatient, impulsive...sometimes tempered by that lyrical, tender side that is at his center. One of the rarest of musical breeds: a musician so intuitive that he is a true multi instrumentalist - sax, vibes and piano/organ on this outing, but the list doesn't stop there.

Well known internationally in both the worlds of jazz and world music, Kash Killian adds his upright mastery to this evening (known to play with the O*m Ensemble from time to time). Mark Foglia on drums ties this group together rhymically to deliver some unique reinterpretations of some wonderful tunes from the American jazz songbook.

Recorded live at the Bistro in Hayward, CA back in '05 or ’06 from the front row, so couldn’t help but have a bit of peanut gallery noise in there also.