Sound Wave Big Band

I had to add this page, the band is just too hot!

This is big band music; 19 odd people on brass, reeds and rhythm that can really swing!  Sound Wave exists to give voice to the compositions and arrangements of Bob Enos, who's book has grown to almost 2,000 charts over the last 50 years. No rehearsal, just find the chart when the number is called and hope you have enough time to check out the repeats, D.S, coda or possible solo before the tune is counted off. A priviledge and pleasure to play with this band, and happy to fulfill even just a supporting role. We don't get paid other than a couple of drinks, but still the band's roster is continually filled out by a who's who of the bay area jazz scene, who come only for the priviledge of playing Bob's charts.

Bob was in the Julliard School of Music at seventeen and arranging for Stan Kenton and his contemporaries in his early twenties. His style embodies the classic "golden age" of the big band yet still retains the uniqueness of his very individual voice.

Check out my calendar page. The band works out every Wednesday at Rooster's Roadhouse in Alameda, CA. whether I'm there of not (and I will be gone for the month of December plus). Swing dancers take note: the floor has been redone...put on your dancing shoes and come join us...great BBQ also!

P.S. I recommend listening to the audio rather than the videos...better sound!