learn peace B4 U learn war

This page on my music site is a link provided for Neil Young's Living With War listeners, the song is included on my Songs/ the Sacred page.

On his Living With War page, Neil talks about "in this world of innovation, the people's fuel must be found".

What is this fuel, and what can it lead to?

    I believe this fuel is desire, and from the desire to end a particular war can come the desire to end all wars. To end all wars means ultimately not to go out into the world to eradicate this violence, but to eradicate it within oneself. The seeds of all the horrible things that we see in this world are present in each one of us. To end war somewhere out there is not the final step, but the first...to end it in ourselves.
    The peace that is the opposite of war is not real peace, but just the reaction to war. Search instead that peace that is eternally unbroken, no matter the outward circumstance. It is not an easy road, for on the way you will meet pain, fear, and even death...your pain, your fear, your own death.
    War can bring out the best and the worst in  a person. The heartbreak is the many who have been prepared physically for the battlefield, but still face their own death with fear. Learn first about fear, and it ceases to be. Stay on this road and you will learn to see yourself in everyone - your brother, your sister, mother, father. When we learn not to practice violence on ourselves, we will not practice it on others.

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musicians on this recording:

bass: John McArdle
drums: Vince Littleton
guitar and voice: Robert (Robbie) MacGregor Soper