experiment, trance, meditation

I love wandering, whether it is alone or in company.

    Know your risks as well as your freedoms. Move to the edge of the firelight. Now move beyond, yet keep hold the thread of return between your fingers. After enough safe flights: let go!

      All recordings so credited were created with the OHM Ensemble, a experimental group of musicians in Half Moon Bay CA. Based around the sounds of the "liberated piano" (an upright with no keyboard to allow free access to the strings) there is no limit to where we might go, what rules we might break.
    The Ohm Ensemble participates in art/music projects(Burning Man), openings and the latest music deconstruction/construction events, most frequently in California's Bay Area. The Ohm Ensemble is so exclusive and reclusive that we changed our name over a year ago and I still have yet to learn what it is. The ensemble performs variously under the names Der Uhu, Nye's Reef, Ohm Ensemble, Enso Salon.
    The performers are Mauro Dinucci ("ff") piano liberado... Robert (Robbie) Soper electric guitar, Gerry Bassermann, didge, melodian, cajon...Ander Meyer, profundo, electric bass.

to hear more Ohm Ensemble selections, see ffMauro's deconstructed piano art, and some of our individual projects check out:

Enso Salon at Live Vibe